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Version date: 08 November 2016

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time to ensure that we remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations and to ensure that we are constantly improving your experience in using our services, so please ensure that you check our website T&Cs frequently. By continuing to use our services after any changes are made, you accept those changes and will be bound by them.

Monthly subscriptions to JEP Extra and JEP Digital can be settled by Debit Card, Credit Card (excluding American Express) or Direct Debit. Collections by direct debit are made on or around the 1st working day of the month to which the subscription relates.

Annual subscriptions to JEP Extra and JEP Digital can be settled by Debit Card, Credit Card (excluding American Express), cheque, Direct Debit or bank transfer.

In the event that any initial or subsequent payments are not received, we may immediately suspend deliveries and online access to JEP Extra, where applicable. 

No invoices will be issued by Jersey Evening Post in respect of JEP Extra subscriptions.

Holiday stops only apply to JEP Extra Ultimate Package subscriptions which include printed newspapers. No credits will be processed in respect of holiday stops or non-delivery.

Should any paper not be received, we will endeavour to deliver it the same day as we are advised of the non-delivery.

No refunds will be given for cancellation part way through a subscription period.

Membership of JEP Extra Ultimate Package is only available to Jersey residents aged 18 or over. JEP Digital Package subscriptions are available worldwide and applicants must be aged 18 or over.

All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

All subscriptions to JEP Extra and JEP Digital packages will renew automatically until cancelled. To cancel please contact the Jersey Evening Post Limited.

Should you have any queries please contact: Jersey Evening Post Limited, P.O. Box 582, Jersey, JE4 8XQ or email jepextra@jerseyeveningpost.com or call +44 (0)1534 611619.

Each registered user is responsible for the security and proper use of their username and password and must not disclose either to any third party. It is each registered user's responsibility to change their password immediately if they believe it has been compromised. It is also advisable to change these details frequently even if not considered compromised.

Members Offers are only available to JEP Extra Ultimate Package subscribers and are subject to availability.  See stated offer for further details and T&Cs. Offers may be withdrawn at any time. 

JEP Extra Ultimate Package subscribers will be provided with a JEP Extra membership. JEP Extra members must retain their membership card, and produce it on request.

JEP Extra membership card may only be used by a JEP Extra member and the card is valid only whilst their JEP Extra membership is active.

The price mentioned for the JEP Extra Ultimate Package (£15.75) is per month and is based on a minimum 12 month contract. The price quoted for the JEP Digital Package (£14.58) is for a minimum 12 month period and is payable in one transaction - £174.96

By subscribing, you agree that your contact details will be added to our marketing database and/or that of the trusted partners we work with (our current partners can be viewed on 'Our Partners' page) and we may from time to time email you with news and offers. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails at any time.

Data protection:  All information received by us from your registration and/or your use of the Site and/or your access to the Publications will be used in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Use. We respect the personal information provided by you. We will only use this information in relation to the Publications and as may be required to provide you with access to the Publications.

We reserve the right to increase the price of JEP Extra Ultimate and JEP Extra Digital at any time. All subscription rates will be honoured for a period of at least twelve months from the date the subscription commences, with no increases applied during that period. We also undertake to provide at least 30 days notice to all subscribers of any changes to the rate charged to them.

Save over £250 per year is based on:
The JEP six days a week over one month (24 days) - £15.60
JEP average monthly home delivery charge (24 days) - £5.52
The average monthly cost to access the online and mobile edition of the JEP - £15.87
Total yearly cost - £443.88

'From as little as £0.52p per day' is calculated by dividing £189 by 365 (days).

A JEP Extra membership is an on-going subscription which means that your membership is continous and will be renewed automatically on the day following the last day of your membership year unless you tell us otherwise.


The monthly prize draw is open to JEP Extra members only and excludes employees of the Jersey Evening Post.

Entry in to the prize draw is free and the winner will be chosen at random.

The winner and/or their name may be used in any relevant publicity which may include photographs.

Winners will be announced in the JEP and on the JEP Extra website.

The prizes vary and there is no cash alternative. No other alternatives will be offered.

In the event of any dispute regarding the rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to the prize draw, the decision of the editor shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

The Jersey Evening Post reserves the right to pull the draw at any time and without prior notice.


By signing up to JEP Extra you agree to the terms and conditions above as well as the following detailed below.

The closing date to be eligible to be entered into the competition to win £3,000 worth of Co-op Travelmaker vouchers is 31 July 2016.

The winner will be chosen at random after the closing date, 31 July 2016.

There is no cash alternative and no other alternatives will be offered.

By signing up to JEP Extra, you agree that your contact details will be added to our marketing database and/or that of our partner The Channel Islands Co-operative Society and we may from time to time, email you with news, offers and other exciting competitions. The winner may also be required to take part in any relevant publicity including photographs. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails at any time.

The Terms and Conditions and the information contained in this web site are subject to change without notice.